The Management

Ashraf Abu Issa

Ashraf is the Chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, overseeing over 100 sister companies operating around the world under the group umbrella. AIH is known across the GCC region for its corporate management climate and portfolio of businesses across industries.

Nabil Abu Issa

Nabil Abu Issa serves as the Vice Chairman of Abu Issa Holding, and is the brother of Ashraf Abu Issa. An authority on innovation, growth and customer service, Nabil’s expertise has been a key factor in the growth of AIH.

Thaer Ahmed Melem

General Manager of ABU ISSA HOLDING Qatar Electromechanical (QEMS) TRANE, DUNHAM BUSH, ADMIRAL MBA, BBA, BSC, MDM. Solutions with 8 Years Experiences Over GCC & Middle East in Fields of: Manager (GM) of Companies & Establishments.

Mohamed Rashid

Vice President Partnerships & Investments at ABU ISSA HOLDING Qatar Electromechanical Solutions (QEMS).