ORYX is a promising and emerging company in Qatar that aims to provide the best solutions in Business Supplies & Trading.
QEMS is the only Authorized Distributor of ORYX products in Qatar.

Admiral provides innovative air-conditioning solutions with the best in technology across all categories – residential and commercial.
QEMS is an Authorized Distributor of Admiral products in Qatar.

QEMS is the only Authorized Distributor for Unitary Products of TRANE in Qatar.
QEMS deals with a various range of TRANE Unitary Products.

Dunham-Bush is one of the biggest commercial air conditioning companies with a global network of sales and service offices.
QEMS is an Authorized Distributor of Dunham-Bush products in Qatar.

Wide range of products AUX Air combines innovative technology with elegant design.
QEMS is the only Authorized Distributor of AUX products in Qatar.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating are focused on creating comfortable living spaces through the design and manufacture of reliable,
efficient and high-end cooling & heating systems.
QEMS is the only Authorized Distributor of Hitachi products in Qatar.

Midea is the World’s #1 manufacturer of Air Conditioners. Our state-of-the-art air conditioners keep your home cool and
comfortable throughout the year.
QEMS is an Authorized Distributor of Midea products in Qatar.

Crane Copper Tube is an intern ational supplier of a wide range of plumbing, refrigeration, air-conditioning and medical gas tube.
Crane Copper Tube supplies quality copper tube in accordance with many international Standards.
QEMS is an exclusive Agent of Crane Copper Tube products in Qatar.